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Below is the new 2016 Club Membership Form,you can print it off and fill in the spaces then bring to the next meeting and give it to the club Secretary.

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updated OCTOBER 2012

Tournament Fees

New for 2013 non boaters are to pay the boaters’ entry fee ($50) to ensure boat and truck gas costs are covered.



Non Members

Entry Fee (per person)



Big Fish Pool



Club Cut



Total Tournament Payout



Tournament Payouts

#of Boats

Payout Structure


1st  + BF


1st and 2nd  + BF




1st, 2nd and 3rd  + BF





1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th + BF





1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th + BF

1.        ETHICSplural but sing or plural in constr : the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation - Under no circumstances does one member try and follow another member in order to improve his  chances on winning, or obtaining a new fishing area. This has happened in the past and now must come to a stop. If you are that hard up for a spot to fish, ask most will help you out, you don’t need to follow and then GPS the spot for future use.

1A) If you happen to be caught following another member to his or her fishing area and it is not a community hole, then you will be disqualified from that tournament. If you happen to be caught more than once following another member, then you will be dismissed from the club. This is serious, as we are losing members from fishing our tournaments because of people following them to improve their outcome.

2.        Anglers will not be drawn to fish with the same angler more than once per season. Seasons will be divided into two seasons, “Pre-bass” and “Bass’. This means that two anglers can potentially fish together twice in the same year, once for walleye and once for bass.

3.        All tournaments will be team events (unless the tournament has been organized as a singles event from the start of the season). Since most members have boats all names go into a hat and are randomly drawn one week prior to the event. This also allows boaters to draw other boaters that would not normally get to fish with each other. If two non boaters are drawn together by chance alterations with the pairings will be made to accommodate. It is up to the anglers to determine who’s boat will be used during the tournament.

4.        If the club opts to run a singles tournament, members without boats are still encouraged to fish and will be drawn into boats and that boat will fish as a team. No one will be left behind – period.

5.        Club Angler of the Year will be determined by the best 6 of 8 tournaments throughout the course of the year. AOY typically receives their club dues paid for the following year ($60) and has their name engraved on the Club Championship trophy for bragging rights.

6.        Hank Gibson Qualifier standings / rankings will be determined by the best 4 of 6 bass tournaments. This rule is placed to ensure the best bass anglers within the club are given highest option for boater / non boater positioning.

7.        Lakes are selected by angler pole typically done during the winter once all of the competitive tournament trail schedules are published. Lakes may be changed if there is a general consensus at the start of the season, or if weather or low water levels force a venue change. Some anglers plan in advance around the established calendar, therefore changing of venues and dates is frowned upon.

8.        Anglers must confirm one week prior to the next event if they are fishing or not to allow the tournament director time to draw teams. If someone must cancel you must notify the director as soon as possible. Not showing up the morning of the tournament just is not right.

9.     A minimum of 3 boats are required to consider a tournament a club event. If there are less the event will be cancelled.



3a.  1) it is up to the two members to decide who's boat they are using and should be able to     come to an agreement.
     2) if no agreement can be made then the President will decide and will go with the person who participates more with the club and or seniority with the club.
     3) if we know well in advance of any tournament that 2 people just can not get along then we will not have them paired up so there is no conflict.

We are all adults here and there should be no problem with choosing who's boat to use. The exec should not have to step in, but will if people need to have someone make a decision for them.


12. All new members must go through a screening process, and the membership will vote on whether to accept you as a member or not. New members are to fill out a membership form and sign it, then upon completion of initiation the President will sign off on whether you will become a member of the club or not. Logic of this rule is to ensure that harmony amongst club members is not jeopardized by allowing conflicting personalities into the group.



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